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IT consulting services to help your business thrive are only a click away. Fitsystems offer all kinds of IT project management solutions to suit. We have a wide range of business related technical consultancy services and Microsoft solutions to help your business.

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Fitsystems offer IT Consulting Services to SMEs in the UK

Slow networks, poorly performing servers and out of date software and dated hardware can seriously impact the efficiency of your business endeavours.

But you don’t need to have a dedicated IT department or to wade through technical jargon to gain access to quality advice.

Fitsystems employ well-versed, friendly and professional consultants to help you with all your IT requirements.

Our IT consultants can work independently or as a part of your existing team to provide top quality advice, assessment and implementation of all your IT office needs.

Our IT consultant services can help you with:

Improving internet & network speeds

Updating your security

Assessing your network health

Expanding your IT services

Developing & Integrating applications

Office 365, SharePoint & Microsoft Exchange

As licensed Microsoft technicians and IT professionals, we can work with you to:

Manage all aspects of office relocations and IT infrastructure implementations and expansions

Improve your network, IT infrastructure and overall productivity through auditing your existing technical setup and making cost-effective suggestions to improve your IT performance

Oversee the maintenance, upgrading and expansion of all kinds of Microsoft technology. Including but not limited to Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 and SharePoint team services

Create a safe, reliable and secure office environment through backups, storage, virus protection, firewalls and gateway administration

Develop custom Microsoft line of business (LOB) applications for your business needs. We can code to connect all kinds of in-house programs to your existing Microsoft setup

Take software and office solutions to the next level. Our software development services are designed to automate your business easily and effectively

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