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Enjoy the peace of mind a safe and reliable online file storage and remote backup solution can bring to your business. Fitsystems provide remote backup solutions to the cloud as part of our online backup services. Never lose an important document or file again!

Fitsystems offer online backup for SMEs in the South East of England

Your business endeavours depend on reliable, safe and secure backup services.

In today’s working world, being able to access important documents from all kinds of internet enabled devices is a must. Losing documents can lose you money, business and put you in all sorts of hot water with your customers and the tax office.

That’s why Fitsystems offer safe, reliable cloud based remote backup services as well as a locally based hardware backup solutions. That way, no matter where the problem lies, we can always reconnect and restore your working files quickly and effortlessly!

Here’s how the Fitsystems online file storage and remote backup services work:

The work you do each day is valuable. Our on-site and remote backup services give you the peace of mind you need. The sorts of things we can help you backup and store include:

Your taxation and financial records

Microsoft exchange data and emails

Day-to-day documents and files

Server and Windows software backups

Microsoft exchange data and emails

Incremental backups & large scale

We provide the IT support your business needs

Unlike other online IT support companies, we offer a comprehensive range of services. At Fitsystems, we can provide your business with:

Cloud storage - we make a virtual backup of your files using storage in the cloud. Your files are securely stored in the cloud so you can make use of them across a variety of digital devices and from anywhere you please

Direct hard drive backup - nothing says additional safety for your backup like a physical hard drive. That’s why we supply all Fitsystems backup customers with their very own fail safe hard drive for additional peace of mind

A dedicated broadband backup line - whether the files you need to save total in handfuls or the thousands, Fitsystems direct broadband backup line is for you. This dedicated line safely transfers all your files in a jiffy across our secure high speed internet link

Backups while you sleep - we understand that business is always on the go. That’s why we schedule our backups for minimal interruption to your business operations via our remote backup service

Restoration and recovery - from laptops and desktop drives to failed portable hard drives, our data recovery services are second to none. We work with you to maintain the health of your data and work tirelessly to recover it if things go south

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