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As a UK based tech support company, we’ve helped businesses throughout Kent, East & West Sussex, and Surrey with a plethora of IT support options. And we offer competitive and far reaching virtual IT support across the entire UK.

Find out what makes Fitsystems a leader in tech support services now.

Fitsystems offer IT support in the South East of England

Forget walking to the IT department’s cubicle cluster or disappearing down the IVR support rabbit hole.

Fitsystems IT support services are there when you need them the most.

Through our managed IT services, Fitsystems are proactive about our approach to your business’ IT provision.
We monitor in real time 24/7 to ensure any issues you encounter with your network, backups, internet provision
and more are dealt with in a timely fashion.

But when issues do arise, we go above and beyond the call.

Here’s some of the ways Fitsystems provides consistently high quality IT support to our customers:

We know how stressful calling support can be

At Fitsystems, we employ technicians, engineers and customer service support team members who understand the technology we provide. But we also understand people. So when you’re stressed due to IT issues, we don’t add to the experience.

We provide you hassle-free IT support by:

Providing you with a centralised contact number
and/or email

Collecting information virtually about your particular network and issues to help us diagnose the problem

Speaking to you in plain English instead of geeky terms

Resolving your problem first time and on time every time

We’re a UK based tech support company

When you choose Fitsystems, you’re working with a technical support company local the UK. This means we understand the challenges small and large of being a proactive, customer-centric company in today’s UK.

It also means we can provide face-to-face services on a needs basis to customers in Kent, East & West Sussex and Surrey, from our Brighton and Hove location.

And we can service any business in England with virtual IT support services during the UK business day. With a commitment to employ local staff, we work with the business community to not only support your business endeavours, but create local job opportunities as well.​

We provide the IT support your business needs

Unlike other online IT support companies, we offer a comprehensive range of services. At Fitsystems, we can provide your business with:

IT Asset Management - We can review your current IT infrastructure and identify area of improvement as well as provide the appropriate documentation for insurance and taxation purposes

Hardware inventory management - let us take the headache out of following upgrade and update timetable and keep your team always connected with our hardware inventory management

Software management - we help you stay up-to-date with the latest software releases and security updates while avoiding conflicts between existing and future software applications

Real time remote support - you don’t have to wait for us to hit the office to get relief from issues, participate in upgrades and more. With our FitTech virtual IT support, we provide support when and where you need it most with a few simple clicks

Safety is our middle name - from secure backups of your company files through to staying abreast with the latest security updates and top of the line virus protection, we ensure your network and IT systems are always safe

Downtime is a thing of the past - we work to maintain the health of your network. So your IT systems run as a highly tuned machine day in, day out

Microsoft support – As a licensed provider of Microsoft services, we can help you with all your Office 365, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft software support requirements

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