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Take the stress out of the day-to-day operations of your businesses IT and technology related needs with Fitsystems. We monitor, manage and troubleshoot all kinds of technical and IT related issues every day. Enjoy fast, reliable and dependable IT service support for your business.

Fitsystems offer Managed IT support for small and medium sized businesses

When it comes to running a successful business, there are never enough hours in the day. From looking after your customers through to administration and the business day-to-day, you have enough on your plate.

That’s what makes Fitsystems so special. We ensure the health of your business by providing ready access to support, advice and troubleshooting. Fitsystems provides you the strategy, support and forward thinking technological solutions that help your business thrive.

Every customer to Fitsystems managed services is given access to our customised software monitoring and virtual support software, FitTech. FitTech is a leader in the field of real time IT support.

FitTech provides real time notifications of any support issues as they arise. These notifications are transferred to our UK local support team network for action. Our monitoring is powerful and our team, proactive.

In many cases, you may not even be aware of problems with your IT services prior to us providing a solution!

If you happen to catch a disruption before we do, we’re available via phone and email via centralised UK based help desk. So no need to deal with offshore call centres or chase down departments to get the help you need. You can gain access to friendly, professional assistance, fast.

Any issue under the care of our managed IT systems support team is backed by a Service Level Agreement. That means no matter how troublesome or complex, we’ll have you back in action as quickly as possible.

Why should you consider managed IT services?

Many thousands of hours in lost productivity in the workplace can be attributed to improperly and poorly managed IT services. From networks and computers that are slow and clunky through to a lacklustre approach to backups, upgrades and general maintenance, the more your IT services are left untended, the higher the likelihood of issues in the future.

At Fitsystems, we believe the best managed IT systems are the ones that you may not even notice.

A reliable network and internet access isn’t a luxury item. As a busy business, hassle-free use of your computing and cloud applications should be a given. Safe storage and a reliable backup of your working files, taxation records and customer databases are essential.

We not only provide a port in the storm to weather technological challenges, we work tirelessly behind the scenes to minimise the storm clouds even appearing.

Here’s how Fitsystems managed IT services work:

When you choose Fitsystems, you get more than outsourced tech support. You receive the support and dedication of a company that cares.

We adopt your network, email and web hosting, servers and storage as our own. We treat it to regular maintenance and upgrades. Through a mix of preventative measures, real time monitoring and gold star customer service, we provide all the benefit and more of an in-house IT department.

We offer attractive and flexible contract based managed IT services so you can access all the support you need and nothing you don’t. Our aim is to be the tech support team your company needs to get the job done, first time, every time.

Here are some of the services we provide under our managed services model:

network health checks icon

Network health

Managed Communications Icon

Security updates including upgrades, implementing patches, periodic testing and so on

data backup and recovery icon

Data backup

Managed Internet Icon

IT support

web application and cloud security icon

Maintaining your
cloud connectivity
cloud security

Managed Communications Icon

and maintaining
all kinds of web applications

Managed Communications Icon

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)
for affordable phone &
communication services

Managed Internet Icon

Internet service
provider &
website hosting
& email services

Fitsystems manage your IT services remotely through the cloud for all kinds of UK based businesses. And when the need arises, we can visit on site throughout Surrey, West Sussex, East Sussex and Kent local areas

24/7 monitoring of your services

One central contact at all times

No travel time, mileage or call out fees

Guaranteed turnaround times

Continued IT health through regular maintenance

Hardware and software audits and updating

Accountability through reporting and assessment

A UK based support team

We’re here to help you take the hassle and mystery out of your managed IT services today!​

Want to know more about how Fitsystems can work for you? Check out our services or give us a call today